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Originally created with the idea of renovations being affordable to the everyday home owner. We started out by helping renovate peoples' current homes with a fresh coat of paint rather than replacing what they currently had. Every client telling us new siding or other options ranging anywhere between 5, 10, even $20,000! And this is how we began! Cutting Edge PaintCo LTD was founded to make it easier for the everyday person to improve their homes or businesses without the hefty investment of replacing what was already there. 

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Excellence and Professionalism

We want to be able to provide an amazing service to our clients and keep the best quality and workmanship you can get in the industry. We are a fully licensed and independent contracting business ready to make your dreams come true with a new facelift by us! This is where we came up with our slogan "Get Fresh with us". Everyone deserves a fresh start without the extreme costs!

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Dedicated Staff

We have staff who are extremely focused and dedicated to our clients to make sure each and every job is done to your satisfaction. We like to set aside time for a free estimate with all of our clients and ensure we are all aware of what you want done to improve your home or establishment. Our staff have been working in the construction field for over a combined 15 years and with all the best techniques to ensure proper application and long lasting durability of our products.